We represent WEEEK as an effective way to manage personal time and teamwork.
Our service is user-friendly, has 2 color schemes, is easy to use and covers all the needs of the user, whether it`s building a shopping list for a home or collaborating on large-scale projects.
Карточка - сервис для мгновенного оформления карточки предприятия для ИП или ООО. Режим автозаполнения, вставка логотипа и три шаблона оформления на выбор помогут вам справиться с рутиной оформления реквизитов всего за пару минут!
UX Feedback
UX Feedback is an easy-to-use tool to understand your customers’ needs. Uncover insights by asking the right questions at the right time. Collect feedback from users through on-site surveys. Add qualitative data to your analytics to get a lot more opportunities to improve your products.
Smaple is an easy way to put together all contact information for one-click communication using any resource (VK, Instagram, email, etc.).
(495) 133-05-89 STUDIO@GOLDCARROT.RU