The development phase is divided into two main sections: layout and programming.


With HTML5/SCSS we transfer the design layout of the project in its interactive representation and place all the information blocks in the structure of the web page document. Also at this stage, we select the animation for all the blocks, buttons, icons, pictures, etc. At this step, we engage you in discussing details and selecting interesting options.

After making layouts for standard screen sizes, we proceed to adaptive layout of the site for mobile devices and tablets.

Eventually, you`ll get interactive pages, adapted to all devices. During the development of the project, the layout is tested 2 times: at the moment of HTML/CSS completion and after work of the programmers.

The layout passes quality control in several steps:

  • Compliance with design layout;
  • Check in all modern browsers;
  • Check adaptive version on all mobile platforms;
  • Compliance with modern technologies HTML5, CSS3.

After all the checks and approval by the quality control specialist, the project will be sent to programming.


During project development we choose different site management systems depending on the complexity of the project and your needs. In most of our projects, we use a self-made management system, but if necessary we can connect the site to almost any popular CMS system.

Most of our projects are developed on the yii2 framework. This framework meets high security standards, shows a high level of performance, flexible and easily scales.

More complex projects and start-ups get an individual CMS system developed for a specific project.

In the development we also use:
  • JavaScript (ES6, TypeScript, JSX)/HTML/CSS,
  • SVG,
  • React,
  • Redux,
  • Webpack,
  • Babel,
  • Node.js, (Express.js, Passport.js),
  • mongoDB,
  • Gulp,
  • runt,
  • Bootstrap 3/4,
  • CSS Grid,
  • CSS Flexbox,
  • BEM,
  • Canvas,
  • WebGL,
  • GSAP,
  • . . .

When the project is ready on the test server, we upload it to the production server and conduct final tests to find bugs.
Throughout the development process, including layout and programming, we use version control systems, so any change in the next version can be rolled back to previous versions.

The next step is to connect various services to your project.

There are two approaches to programming. The first is to make the program so simple, so that there are obviously no errors in it.
And the second is to make it so complicated,
so that there are no obvious mistakes in it.
- Tony Hoare
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