After we have identified the key features of your business and identified the target audience, we proceed with you to discuss and develop the design of the project. Our main goal is to make the site as user-friendly as possible.
To do this, we rely on:
Web Design Trends
UI/UX principles
Own experience

First of all the designer evaluates all sites of competitors, and sites that you like for collecting little things in whole picture (mood board). The designer will also use unique features or benefits of your business during development.

After that, he begins to develop a project layout.

Thanks to a joint and fruitful discussion, most of the customers accepts the first provided version of the design that nicely suits their expectations.

This stage is the layout of the project taking into account the unique features of your business and with an interface that matches all trends in web design.

After approval of the layout, we proceed to the stage «development of» .

Socrates said, "Know thyself."
And I say, "Get to know your users."
And you know what? They do not think like you do.
- Joshua Brewer
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