Before you begin to develop any project,
we gather important information about your business.

To do this, we ask you right questions as much as possible. For example, questions about the company:

  • its name and when it was founded;
  • how it differs from the competitors;
  • about the main products and services of the company;
  • what benefits the product gives to the buyer.

This helps us to orient ourselves and understand what business tasks your project should meet.

The next step in developing a project is to determine your target audience.
Initially, we start from what we have at the moment:
We are looking at Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics data
We rely on open analysis tools, statistics and similar cases

Then, we analyze:

  • of your social networks;
  • the attitude of people to the sphere and the brand of your business, as well as their feedback;
  • sites of the main competitors.

If you know that a competitor`s site has a functionality which able to engage users, then we analyze, why does it attract target audience? And`ll create a more effective counterpart to use it on your site.

I really liked your service!
I will only use this delivery service!
I am delighted with the quality of service in this institution! Expensive of course, but it`s worth it)
Here constantly rude waiters and the dishes are served cold. Nightmare!
Product was delivered for a very long time, the quality of delivery leaves a lot to be desired =(

The structure of the site will depend on the characteristics of your target audience.
Usually it is a Mind Map format scheme, or a structure represented by a text format list.

If the prescribed structure does not give a concrete understanding of how
the site will operate, we will develop a prototype.


This is a schematic layout (sketch, sketch, html document) of the page or pages of the site,
with the image of all the design elements (buttons, pictures, menus, shapes, etc.).

Prototype will help to understand:

  • how the site structure will look;
  • where and how information blocks will be located;
  • inconveniences in usability.

When working on projects, we do not write huge technical tasks on a complex technical language.
For further work, we have enough described the structure of the site and the prototype.Therefore, we attach its structure and description to the contract for the development of the project as a technical task.

After processing and analyzing information about your business, we proceed to design .

Millions of people saw apples falling,
but only Newton asked why.
- Bernard Baruch
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