About us

"Gold Carrot" is a team with a great experience, which has been developed during 7 years of the company existence. Throughout this journey, we have grown and developed together with our customers, becoming better from project to project.

We never use templates. All of our design and marketing solutions start with the research of the brand and its main goal. That's why every project in our portfolio is unique. Our team continues to develop and constantly studies new trends in the development of digital technologies to ensure that your business on the Internet is built according to the latest developments in the digital sphere.

Thanks to our understanding and passion for our industry, we are different from our competitors. We look at your business, understand your purpose and vision, then offer the solutions necessary for the realization of your plans, and accompany you at every stage of development.

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Our clients

We work with various clients - from small start-ups to global international companies.

Our team

In our team you will find all the skills necessary to create an innovative digital product or service.
Иван Мараховка
Ivan Marakhovka
Executive Director
Александр Никифоров
Alexander Nikiforov
Chief Operating Officer
Ямиль Мухаметшин
Yamil Mukhametshin
Илья Волк-Леванович
Ilya Volk-Levanovich
Иван Чуркин
Ivan Churkin
Айдар Амантаев
Aidar Amantaev
iOS Developer
Александр Цветков
Alexander Tsvetkov
Backend Developer
Валерий Андреев
Valery Andreev
Владислав Бедрин
Vladislav Bedrin
Backend Developer
Владислав Серов
Vladislav Serov
Frontend developer
Александр Грачев
Alexander Grachev
Frontend developer
Дмитрий Горнак
Dmitry Gornak
Frontend developer
Икром Эргашев
Ikrom Ergashev
Manager of internal projects
Максим Шабалин
Maxim Shabalin
Internet Marketer
Анастасия Евдокимова
Anastasia Evdokimova
Account manager, copywriter
Руслан Сардаров
Ruslan Sardarov
Сергей Бодров
Sergey Bodrov
Батыр Буляканов
Batyr Bulyakanov
Backend Developer
Карим Уйылданов
Karim Uyildanov
Backend Developer
Олег Чирцов
Oleg Chirtzov
Backend Developer
Данил Беличенко
Danil Belichenko
Backend Developer
We want to know more about your project so we can make it bigger and better.
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